Top Upholstery Fabrics for 2021

With the recent popularity of art deco silhouettes highlighting curved lines and minimalist profiles, our latest collection references these attributes and points to fabrics that prominently appear as the year’s top choices. Let’s preview some of our most favorited upholstery for the year.

Faux Shearling

To resemble sheepskin, polyester-blend fabric could be mixed with acrylic and/or cotton to recreate dense texture and appearance. The result is soft with wool-like texture that’s aesthetically pleasing and durable for furniture upholstery.

This fabric partners beautifully with our latest Deco Chic style. The Celine oval bench in channel tufting, with its capsule shaped curve and faux shearling, brings aesthetic and function in one piece. On another featured item, the fabric enhances modern vintage look for an 80’s/deco flair in the latest Zella armchair. 


Celine Storage Bench


Zella Armchair

Zella Armchair



Looped yarns with mock pile surface create a knitted fabric that appears coarse, yet soft in actual texture. Chic and playful are descriptions for this popular upholstery option, which seems to be the favorite luxe look for 2021 as well.

Versatile and elegant, this fabric upholstery looks great for a variety of furniture items. Incorporating it in our latest Darius bench and Cruz accent chair, the upholstery presents contemporary vibe and easy-to-care-for features.


Darius Boucle BenchDarius Bench


Cruz Boucle Beige Armchair

Cruz Armchair



This fabric has long filling yarns that are woven together to attain a three dimensional appearance for its plush and warm qualities. In our latest bench collection, we’ve added channel tufting to elevate the texture and the overall design. The current options are available in white, gray and yellow.


Darius Bench in Montello YellowDarius Corduroy Fabric Bench


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2021 Modern Collection


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